15 Best California Online Casinos Real Money (August 2023)

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California Online Gambling Real Money

Hello, fellow Cali casino gambling fans.

I’m your resident slot machine and blackjack expert, ready to guide you through the thrilling and potentially profitable game of online gambling in California.

Today I’ll list the 15 best online casinos for real money in the Golden State.

Best California Online Casinos

Buckle up for a roller coaster ride of gaming splendor!

Whether you’re a wanna-be pro gambler or a blackjack newbie dipping your toes in the vast sea of online gaming looking for a bit of fun, these California online casinos have you covered either way.

Our online casino review methodology focuses on several critical factors, including gambling game software quality, bonuses on offer, licensing information, and average user reviews from TrustPilot.

Rest easy, your CA online gambling experience is about to hit new heights!

Best Online Casino California 2023

Here are 18 of the best legal California online casinos that payout real money I’ve reviewed based on popularity (Sweepstakes/Social Casino Gaming).

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Rank / Social CasinoBanking OptionsBonus *T&Cs ApplyLicense
1. Stake.usCrypto, Bank transfer$500 + 50 Free spinsCuracao
2. BetRivers Social CasinoBank transfer, Paypal$500 + 50 Free spinsNew Jersey DGE
3. High 5 CasinoH5C Sweeps PlayFree GC 250 + SC 5Sweepstakes
4. FanDuel Fantasy SportsCredit Card, PaypalCompete 4 Cash PrizesNJ, PA, CO, MI,
5. OwnersBox SportsCredit Card, Paypal$500 BonusCanada, US
6. Pulsz CasinoCredit card, eWallet$1000 + 100 Free spinsMalta
7. Hard Rock Social CasinoCredit card, eWallet$1000 + 50 Free spinsNew Jersey DGE
8. Wow VegasCredit card, eWallet$500 + 100 Free spinsUK Gambling Comm.
9. GambinoCredit card, Paypal$1000 + 200 Free spinsCuracao
10. Fortune CoinsPaypal, Bank transfer$500 + 50 Free spinsIsle of Man
11. Pulsz BingoCredit card, eWallet$750 + 150 Free spinsMalta
12. Golden Heart GamesCrypto, eWallet$800 + 100 Free spinsUK Gambling Comm.
13. SlotomaniaPaypal, Skrill$800 + 200 Free spinsGibraltar
14. High CasinoBank transfer, eWallet$500 + 100 Free spinsCuracao
15. Chumba CasinoPaypal, Skrill$750 + 100 Free spinsMalta
16. Winstar CasinoCrypto, Credit card$750 + 150 Free spinsUK Gambling Comm.
17. MluckPaypal, eWallet$1000 + 100 Free spinsGibraltar
18. B SpotBank transfer, Paypal$500 + 50 Free spinsUS, Washington D.C

These are social casinos and the banking options, bonus offers, and licenses mentioned above are examples and might not match the exact details for each of the casinos.

Are Online Casinos Legal in California?

As a gaming aficionado, you might wonder about the legal landscape surrounding web-based casinos in California. Well, it’s somewhat of a gray area.

You see, there are no specific laws in California that either legalize or criminalize online gambling.

However, this absence of explicit legislation doesn’t mean it’s illegal to gamble online. The state hasn’t prosecuted any of its residents for playing at offshore casinos, making it a relatively safe activity.

But bear in mind, always ensure the offshore site you choose is licensed and regulated to guarantee your safety and security.

California Social Online Casinos: Payout Real Money and a Legal Playground

Hello again, fellow gamblers! This time we’re journeying into the Golden State of California, a place known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. But if you’re here, you’re likely more intrigued by its equally dynamic gaming scene.

Allow me, Benjamin Ogden, a seasoned blackjack player and online casino reviewer, to take you on a tour of California’s fascinating world of social online casinos, also known as Sweepstakes Casino Sites.

Sweepstakes Casino Sites: California’s Best Bet

California’s gambling laws are a complex patchwork, leaving many residents scratching their heads when it comes to online casino options. While traditional online casinos remain outside the legal framework, a novel and appealing alternative has flourished: California Social Online Casinos that payout real money.

Yes, you read that right—these sites, known as Sweepstakes Casino Sites, have become the go-to destination for CA players seeking legal and enjoyable online casino experiences.

What Makes Them Special?

Unlike traditional casinos where real money wagers are the norm, Sweepstakes Casino Sites operate on a unique business model. They allow players to purchase virtual currency or earn it through various methods. This virtual currency can then be used to play a wide array of casino games.

Here’s the catch that’s causing a stir: while playing with virtual currency, you can also win sweepstakes that payout real money. These winnings can be redeemed, providing players not just the thrill of the game but tangible rewards as well.

Why Are They the Best Option in California?

Navigating the legal constraints of online gambling in California can feel like threading a needle. But Sweepstakes Casino Sites simplify the journey. Since they don’t fall under traditional gambling laws, they offer a secure, legal platform for Californians who wish to indulge in casino fun.

Moreover, these sites have adapted to the needs and tastes of California players. Whether it’s slots, poker, or any other casino classic, you’ll likely find it here. They’ve become more than just a legal workaround; they’re a hub for gaming enthusiasts, where camaraderie, competition, and potential real-money rewards converge.

Quality and Trust

Just as gold prospectors once sifted through the rivers of California, players today seek quality and trust in online platforms. Many Sweepstakes Casino Sites have risen to this challenge, offering engaging games, transparent terms, and robust customer support. They understand that to be the best option for Californians, they must not only be legal but also fair, entertaining, and reliable.

California’s Golden Opportunity with Social Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes Casino Sites have indeed become the golden opportunity for California’s players. With their unique blend of legality, entertainment, and potential real-money payouts, they’ve filled a niche in a state where traditional online casinos still remain a distant dream.

For Californians seeking the joy of casino gaming without stepping into legal quandaries, these platforms are not just an option; they are the best option. They represent a modern twist to the age-old allure of gambling, providing a pathway that respects the law yet doesn’t forget the essence of fun.

In the land of opportunity, it seems California has once again found a way to innovate, this time in the realm of online gaming.

Where Are Sweepstakes Casinos Allowed in the US?

  • Allowed States: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C.
  • Not Allowed: Washington

California’s Online Gambling History

Take a trip down memory lane to understand California’s cyber gambling history. California has a rich and varied history with gambling, dating back to the Gold Rush era. Traditional forms of wagering, such as betting on horse racing and lotteries, have long been part of the state’s fabric.

But when it comes to internet gambling, California’s relationship is quite recent and complex.

The rise of the internet in the late 20th century brought about a sea change in many industries, and gambling on the world wide web was no exception in the 1990’s. Eventually, offshore regulated online casinos started to cater to U.S players from around the nation, including Californians.

Despite the growing popularity of real money gambling online over the last two and a half decades, California has yet to fully embrace this modern form of virtual gaming, which it turs out, is good for the state and good for the gamblers as well.

State lawmakers have proposed bills to regulate online poker, but so far, none have become law.

The future, however, looks bright, with increasing discussions around full-scale online casino regulation in California sometime in the next years.

In recent times Californians have given way to the rise of a social casino gaming explosion that’s sweeping across the country getting US players in a gambling frenzy. .

In a nutshell, while mobile casinos aren’t officially recognized by California law, Californians can still enjoy the excitement of mobile gambling through licensed offshore casino gaming platforms available in 2023. Let’s hope the near future holds an even more inclusive and regulated online gambling environment for the people of the Golden State.

VIDEO: The Best Legal Online Casinos in California

FAQs: California Online Casinos

Now, let’s address some often asked questions regarding playing online casinos in California:

If you’re considering online betting for money then please approach internet casinos with caution. Remember that gambling is risky, expensive and potentially addiction & destructive.

Make it your #1 priority to treat gambling and placing real money bets seriously and you learn to gamble responsibly, regardless of the type of betting your participating with.

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