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Gaming studio claims to be the first to introduce blockchain-based gaming for Online Gambling

Bitblox Games, a gaming studio based in the Isle of Man, has recently announced that it will be developing on-chain crypto games for the online gambling industry, which is estimated to be worth around $68 billion.

The gaming studio, which prides itself as being the first to introduce blockchain-based gaming to the virtual gambling market, will exclusively build its games on the Hxro Network, a Solana-based distributed liquidity layer designed for betting applications.

By creating a suite of on-chain games, Bitblox Games aims to bring the online casino gambling industry into the Web3 era, as its games are expected to help expand the current user base of igaming operators and allow users to play in new ways.

According to Hxro co-founder Dan Gunsberg, “On-chain gaming is a surprisingly underserved subset of the multibillion-dollar global igaming market.”

solana bitblox

The move by Bitblox Games to build crypto games for the internet gambling industry is expected to have significant implications for the Solana ecosystem, Hxro Network, and online gaming business.

The company’s focus on distributed liquidity and blockchain-based gaming is expected to create new opportunities for players and operators alike, offering them greater transparency, security, and fairness.

Overall, Bitblox Games’ commitment to the internet gambling marketplace represents a significant milestone in the growing adoption of blockchain technology, as it continues to disrupt traditional industries and create new opportunities for innovation and growth.

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