Online Casino SG 2023 Guide

As a lifetime blackjack player and casino expert with 28 years of experience, I have seen the evolution of the casino industry firsthand.

Over the years, I have played numerous casino games for real money and have been reviewing online casinos since 2001. With 23 years of experience, I bring you an in-depth look at Singapore Online Casinos, covering their history, laws, and key aspects of SG internet gaming.

History of Online Casinos in Singapore

The online casino industry in Singapore has experienced significant growth in recent years.

Despite the strict gambling laws in the country, Singaporeans have managed to find ways to enjoy online gambling, and a variety of SG online casinos have emerged to cater to their needs.

Singapore Online Casino Laws by Region

The Singaporean government has implemented stringent laws to regulate the online gambling industry.

The Remote Gambling Act (RGA) of 2014 prohibits SG online gambling activities, with few exceptions.

It is important to note that these laws apply to all regions within Singapore.

Popular SG Online Casinos

Some popular online casinos catering to Singaporean players include:

  1. 888 Casino
  2. JackpotCity Casino
  3. Betway Casino
  4. Spin Casino
  5. LeoVegas Casino

Please note that these are only examples, and for the most up-to-date information, consult, TrustPilot, and AskGamblers websites.

Singapore Online Gaming Regulator Information

The primary regulatory body for online gambling in Singapore is the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA).

The GRA aims to maintain a safe and secure gaming environment while minimizing the potential harm associated with gambling.

You can visit their website at

SG Gaming License Information

The GRA issues gaming licenses to operators in the country.

Only licensed gaming operators are allowed to offer gambling services in Singapore. For more information, visit the official GRA website.

FAQ: SG Online Casinos

Is online gambling legal in Singapore?

Internet gambling is largely prohibited in many parts of Singapore, with some exceptions. The Remote Gambling Act (RGA) of 2014 regulates internet gambling activities in the country.

Are there any licensed online casinos in Singapore?

Currently, there are no SG licensed online casinos based in Singapore due to the strict gambling laws.

Can Singaporeans play at international online casinos?

Yes, many Singaporeans play at international mobile casinos that accept players from the country. This could be of local gaming laws. does not endorse any illegal gambling activities and provides this online casino SG gaming information for industry research and entertainment purposes only.

What are the most popular casino games among Singaporeans?

Popular casino games in Singapore include baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, and slot machines.

How do I make deposits with an SG online casino?

Singaporean players typically use e-wallets, credit cards, or bank transfers to deposit and withdraw money at online casinos for SG players.

Are winnings from online gambling taxable in Singapore?

Currently, winnings from online gaming are not taxable in Singapore.

What are the most trusted casino review sites for Singaporean players?, TrustPilot, and AskGamblers are some of the most trusted review websites for Singaporean players.

Is it safe to experience online casino gambling in Singapore?

As long as you play at reputable international online casinos, it is generally safe to play in terms of getting paid and fair casino gaming odds. It could be dangerous and/or probably illegal in many parts of Singapore so internet betting is not advised for real money to anyone located in SG.

What are the best online casino bonuses for Singaporean players?

Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins are some of the most attractive bonuses for Singaporean players.

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