Best NJ Online Casino Gambling Sites

Best Online Casino NJ Gambling Sites (August 2023)

New Jersey Online Casinos: Your Ultimate Guide

Introduction to Legal NJ Online Casino Gaming

As a vanguard in the online gambling industry, New Jersey has firmly established itself as a paradigm of how to effectively legalize, regulate, and benefit from this burgeoning sector. The Garden State is replete with a diverse array of online casino gaming websites, establishing itself as an idyllic landscape for seasoned gamblers and novices alike. In this article, we delve into the universe of New Jersey Online Casinos, discussing their compelling history, the array of mobile casino games on offer, and addressing common queries in our comprehensive FAQ section.

My Journey with Online Casinos Started in 2001

As a seasoned online casino affiliate, my journey has been nothing short of eventful. Over the past two decades, I’ve witnessed the industry’s evolution from a niche market into a global phenomenon, and New Jersey has been a part of that narrative.

My expertise in the field started with a fascination with the potential that online casinos held – the convenience, the variety, the innovation. This led me to study the intricacies of the industry, learn about the software that powers these platforms, and the laws that regulate them. In a sense, my journey mirrors that of the New Jersey online casino scene – both of us started when online gambling was in its infancy and have grown alongside it.

Insights into New Jersey’s Online Casino Scene

My experiences over the years have allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge about the New Jersey online gambling scene. I’ve followed its journey from when the bill A2578 was merely a proposal to the present day, where online casinos are not just commonplace but also a significant contributor to the state’s economy.

Over the years, I’ve worked with several of New Jersey’s top online casinos, including Borgata Online Casino, BetMGM Casino, and Golden Nugget Online Casino. This has given me a unique perspective on how they operate, the kinds of games they offer, and how they engage with their customers.

The Objective of This Guide

Through this article, I aim to impart that knowledge to you – the players. Whether you’re a resident of New Jersey curious about your home state’s offerings, a visitor wanting to partake in some online casino action, or just a gambling enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge, this guide is designed to meet your needs.

We’ll delve into the essential facets of New Jersey’s online gambling scene, discuss popular mobile games, and even address some of the common questions that players often have. In essence, this is a comprehensive primer to the fascinating world of New Jersey online casinos – a world that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of and now hope to share with you.

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Top NJ Online Casino Real Money Gambling Sites

Casino NameSoftware ProvidersBonus T&Cs
BetMGM Casino MI
Microgaming, IGT, NetEnt100% match up to $1,000; 15x wagering requirement
Borgata Online CasinoNetEnt, IGT100% up to $600; 10x wagering requirement
FanDuel CasinoNetEnt, IGTRisk-free 24 hours, up to $200 back
888 CasinoNetEnt, Evolution Gaming120% up to $500; 20x wagering requirement
DraftKings SportsbookDraftKings Originals20% match up to $1,000
Unibet CasinoNetEnt, Evolution Gaming$10 free; 25x playthrough
SI CasinoPlaytech, Microgaming100% up to $200; 20x wagering requirement
BetRivers CasinoNetEnt, IGT, NextGen100% up to $250; 1x playthrough
WynnBet CasinoSG Digital, IGT100% up to $1000; 20x wagering requirement
Party CasinoNetEnt, IGT, NextGen100% up to $500; 20x wagering requirement
SI CasinoPlaytech, IGT100% up to $500; 15x wagering requirement
PlayStar CasinoMicrogaming, IGT100% up to $600; 20x wagering requirement
Resorts CasinoNextGen, NetEnt100% up to $1000; 20x wagering requirement
Mohegan Sun CasinoNetEnt, Evolution Gaming100% up to $1000; 20x wagering requirement
Golden Nugget Online CasinoNextGen, IGT100% up to $1000; 10x wagering requirement

History of Legal NJ Online Casinos

The narrative of legal online casinos in New Jersey is an absorbing tale of persistence, debate, and ultimate triumph for proponents of online gambling. It was an endeavor that spanned several years, eventually solidifying New Jersey’s place at the forefront of legalized online gaming in the United States.

Prelude to Legalization

The origins of online gambling legalization in New Jersey trace back to the late 2000s. This was a period characterized by a burgeoning recognition of the potential benefits that online gambling could bring to the state. Economic growth, job creation, and additional tax revenue were among the enticing prospects. Despite the promises, there were reservations about problem gambling, underage gambling, and the impact on land-based casinos. These concerns ignited extensive debates, which served to delay the progress towards legalization.

The Legal Milestone: Bill A2578

In 2013, these deliberations culminated in a significant breakthrough. Governor Chris Christie signed the bill A2578 into law, effectively legalizing online gambling in the state. It was a landmark decision that allowed Atlantic City casinos to apply for internet gaming permits, consequently opening up a whole new frontier for the gambling industry in the Garden State.

Under the law, all online gaming servers had to be located in Atlantic City to comply with the state’s constitutional requirement that all mobile casino gambling take place within the city.

This reinforced the bond between the land-based casinos and their new online counterparts through the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). Visit their website at for the complete list of legal NJ online casino gaming sites.

Post-Legalization Era

Since the signing of the bill, the online gambling landscape in New Jersey has flourished. Initially, there were concerns about its impact on land-based casinos. However, rather than cannibalizing the traditional casino market, online gambling appears to have complemented it.

The first legal online casinos launched in November 2013, including the Borgata, Golden Nugget, Tropicana, and Caesars. The ensuing years have seen a steady rise in the number of operators, revenue, and player base.

In 2022, the revenue from online gambling in New Jersey was a staggering $970 million, demonstrating the immense success of the venture.

Ongoing Development

As of 2023, the New Jersey online gambling industry shows no signs of slowing down. New innovations, including live dealer games, have made their way into the market, adding further allure for players.

Legal online gambling in New Jersey has not only provided residents with a safe and regulated environment to gamble online but also significantly contributed to the state’s economy. From the initial debates of the late 2000s to the thriving industry of today, the journey of legal online casinos in New Jersey is a testament to the state’s innovative and forward-thinking approach.

NJ Online Gambling Facts, Figures & Statistics

First legal online casinoThe Borgata, launched in November 2013
Number of legal online casinos in NJ15 as of 2023
New Jersey online gambling revenue in 2022$970 million
Year of the A2578 bill2013
Active Online GamblersOver 1.5 million active users in NJ
Atlantic City: NJ Online Casinos

New Jersey Mobile Casino Games Paying Real Money

New Jersey’s online casinos cater to a diverse audience by offering a broad spectrum of engaging mobile casino games. Here’s a closer look at the most popular ones:

NJ Craps Online

Many regular gamers choose craps as their game of choice. Exactly why, I’m not sure outside of the “true odds” bets that payout as their name indicates, they pay winning craps bets true odds wagers placed after the come out. Yet, even though online craps games, like land based casinos, have these true odds bets available during the casino game of craps, there’s many many more bets that payout badly in reards to odds. So, unless your an advantage craps player sticking to true odds wagers only, I advice learning blackjack instead.

NJ Live Dealer Games

Live dealer online casino games bring the authentic casino experience right to your mobile device. Players can enjoy real-time games of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker, hosted by professional dealers. They offer interactive game-play with the added benefit of human interaction, which many players miss in standard online games. High-quality video streaming and chat features allow players to engage with the dealer and other players, mimicking the social aspect of a brick-and-mortar casino.

NJ Baccarat Online

Once considered a game for the elite, Baccarat has now become widely accessible thanks to online casinos. It’s a game of chance with simple rules, making it a great option for beginners. Both standard and live dealer versions of Baccarat are readily available in New Jersey online casinos, providing players with multiple options to enjoy the game.

NJ Online Blackjack

Blackjack has been a staple in casinos for centuries, and its online version is just as popular. Combining luck and skill, it offers a thrilling experience where each decision can significantly affect the game’s outcome. Multiple variants, such as American Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Live Blackjack, are available in New Jersey online casinos, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

NJ Online Roulette

Roulette, the quintessential casino game, has found its rightful place in the online space as well. It is adored by players for its straightforward rules and suspenseful gameplay. Whether it’s European Roulette with a single zero or American Roulette with a double zero, players can choose their preferred variant. Interactive features like live chat and multiple camera angles in Live Roulette games make the experience even more immersive.

NJ Online Poker

Online poker is another highly favored game among New Jersey online casino patrons. From Texas Hold’em to Omaha, online casinos provide numerous poker variants to cater to everyone from novices to professionals. In addition to standard games, many casinos also offer live poker games, which offer the same level of interactivity and excitement as their live dealer counterparts.

NJ Online Slots

Online slots are the cornerstone of any mobile casino on-line, and New Jersey is no exception. With their diverse themes, appealing graphics, and simple mechanics, they are a favorite among beginners and seasoned gamblers alike. From classic three-reel slots to modern five-reel slots with multiple paylines and high payouts, the variety is limitless. Progressive slots with life-changing jackpots are also popular, offering players the opportunity to win big.

NJ Online Slots

Each game offers a unique blend of excitement and potential rewards, ensuring that players have a diverse selection to choose from based on their preferences. From spinning the reels on slots to contemplating your next move in blackjack, the New Jersey mobile casino app scene is teeming with opportunities for fun and profit.

NJ Online Casinos FAQs:

With the right information, the online gambling scene in New Jersey can be a gold mine. Hopefully, this guide provides a stepping stone towards your ultimate gaming experience. Happy gaming friends!

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