Winning Blackjack Side Bets: Guide to Boosting Profits

As an experienced blackjack player and online gaming expert, I have spent years mastering the art of winning at blackjack side bets that, on occasion & in the right moment, can be very profitable wagers.

In this Online Casino Blackjack Side Bets Guide, I will share my knowledge, insights, and strategies to help you boost your profits and take your blackjack game winning to the next level.

Understanding Blackjack Side Bets

Blackjack side bets are additional wagers that players can place in conjunction with their main bet that are generally higher risk bets with bigger payouts to offset the risk.

These bets offer an exciting way to increase your potential winnings and add an extra layer of strategy to the game. There are several types of side bets, and understanding them is crucial for maximizing your chances of winning.

Popular Blackjack Side Bets

  1. Perfect Pairs: In this side bet, you wager that your first two cards will be a pair. The payout depends on the type of pair – a mixed pair, a colored pair, or a perfect pair (both cards of the same suit and rank).
  2. 21+3: This bet combines your first two cards and the dealer’s up card to form a three-card poker hand. You win if your hand is a flush, straight, three-of-a-kind, or a straight flush.
  3. Royal Match: Here, you bet that your first two cards will be of the same suit (an easy match) or a suited King and Queen (a royal match).
  4. Super Sevens: In this bet, you win if your first card is a 7, and the payout increases if your second or third card is also a 7.
  5. Lucky Ladies: In this side bet, you wager that your first two cards will total 20. The payout increases if the cards are suited or if they are a pair of Queens.

Blackjack Side Bets House Edge & Payouts


Side BetHouse EdgeDescriptionPayouts
Perfect Pairs6-10%Wager on your first two cards being a pairMixed Pair: 6:1, Colored Pair: 12:1, Perfect Pair: 25:1
21+32-4%Three-card poker hand from your cards + dealerFlush: 5:1, Straight: 10:1, Three-of-a-kind: 30:1, Straight Flush: 40:1
Royal Match3-6%Same suit or suited King & QueenEasy Match: 2:1, Royal Match: 25:1
Super Sevens11-17%Bet on getting 7s in your first few cardsFirst 7: 3:1, Pair of 7s: 50:1, Triple 7s: 100:1, Triple Suited 7s: 5000:1
Lucky Ladies14-24%Wager on your first two cards totaling 20Unsuited 20: 4:1, Suited 20: 9:1, Pair of Queens: 25:1, Pair of Q♠: 200:1, Pair of Q♠ + Dealer A♠: 1000:1

Strategies for Winning Blackjack Side Bets

Know the House Edge

Understanding the house edge for each side bet is crucial.

This will help you determine which bets offer the best odds and potential payouts. Be aware that side bets typically have a higher house edge than the main blackjack game.

Manage Your Bankroll

Never risk more than you can afford to lose, and allocate a specific portion of your bankroll for side bets.

This tip to winning side bets in blackjack will help you manage your funds effectively and avoid overspending. I’ve provided a table with additional bankroll managements tips below.

Bankroll Management Tips

Set a BudgetDetermine how much money you can afford to lose and stick to that amount.
Allocate Funds for Side BetsDedicate a specific portion of your budget for side bets.
Track Your SpendingKeep a record of your wins and losses to monitor your overall performance.
Adjust Your Betting SizeAdapt your betting size based on your performance and remaining budget.

Look for Side Bet Opportunities

Not all blackjack tables offer side bets, so keep an eye out for tables that do.

Online casinos often provide a wide range of blackjack variations with side bets, making it easier to find the perfect game for you.

Blackjack Side Bet Availability by Game Variation

Blackjack VariantPerfect Pairs21+3Royal MatchSuper SevensLucky Ladies
Classic BlackjackYesYesNoNoYes
European BlackjackYesNoYesNoNo
Atlantic City BlackjackYesYesYesYesYes
Double Exposure BlackjackNoNoNoNoNo
Spanish 21NoNoNoYesYes

Note: The availability of side bets may vary depending on the specific casino or online platform you are playing on. Always check the game rules before playing.

FAQs: Winning at Blackjack Side Bets

Q1: Are blackjack side bets worth it?

A1: While side bets can be exciting and offer potentially large payouts, they often come with a higher house edge. If you enjoy the added challenge and excitement, side bets can be worth it, but always manage your bankroll carefully.

Q2: Can card counting improve my chances of winning side bets?

A2: Card counting can be helpful for some side bets, like the Perfect Pairs bet, where knowing the distribution of cards remaining in the shoe can improve your chances of predicting the outcome.

Q3: Are side bets available in online blackjack games?

A3: Yes, many online casinos offer blackjack games with side bet options. Check the game rules and variations to find the best fit for you.

Q4: Do side bets affect the main blackjack game?

A4: Side bets are independent of the main game and do not impact the outcome of your main blackjack hand.

Q5: Is there a limit to the number of side bets I can place?

A5: This depends on the specific game and casino rules. Some games may have a limit on the number of side bets, while others may allow multiple bets.

Q6: Are side bets available in live dealer blackjack games?

A6: Yes, many live dealer blackjack games offer side bet options, adding an extra layer of excitement and interaction with the live dealer.

Q7: Do all blackjack side bets have the same odds?

A7: No, each side bet has its own odds and payouts, which can vary significantly. Always familiarize yourself with the odds and payouts of each bet before placing a wager.

Q8: Can I place a side bet without placing a main bet in blackjack?

A8: Generally, no. Side bets are meant to be placed in conjunction with your main blackjack bet.

Q9: Do blackjack side bets have progressive jackpots?

A9: Some side bets, like the Super Sevens bet, may offer progressive jackpots. This means the jackpot increases with each wager until it is won, potentially leading to massive payouts.

Q10: Can I use basic strategy for side bets in blackjack?

A10: Basic blackjack strategy does not apply to side bets, as the side bet outcomes are independent of the main game. However, understanding the odds and house edge of each side bet can help you make more informed decisions.

Blackjack Side Bet Conclusion

Winning blackjack side bets can add an extra layer of excitement and potential profit to your blackjack experience.

By understanding the different types of side bets, their odds, and implementing sound bankroll management, you can increase your chances of success.

Remember to always play responsibly and have fun experimenting with the various side bet options available in the game of blackjack.

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